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Tales From Japan: The Coming of the Great Tokai Earthquake in 20??

Captured as one of the most startling images of 2011 from National Geographic.  Lighting sparks as volcano erupts in Kyuushuu Japan.

An image of an erupting volcano in Kyuushuu Japan. Mt Shinmoedake is the most recent major volcanic eruption on the island of Japan. It erupted in January 2011 and subsequently a few more times afterward leading to the evacuation of a few hundred local residents. The department of Japan's government who handles such issues raised the level of emergency to a level 3 out of 5. Level 5 is a full blown eruption requiring the immediate evacuation of all local residents and subsequent areas of danger.

Japan Metereological Agency explanation of levels and safety measures

Looking at the history of Japan and its seismic and volcanic activity reveals a harsh and fearful reality.  It is difficult to accept that many will die, many more injured and scarred for life by the trauma of it all.  Yet the earth continues on without malice nor a whim of our concern. The truth of the matter is that the earth has a schedule to keep and our presence will simply not detour it.  A great earthquake is always brewing, especially in Japan where seismologists have upped the percent of a magnitude 9+ earthquake hitting the Kanto region in the next 30 years to 87%, though some put it even higher into the upper 90th pecentile.

While Japanese are confident in their building technology and prevention measures, as March 11, 2011 demonstrated, nature can exceed human preparation and expectation.  The Great East Japan Earthquake devastated Japan but not nearly as much as a potential M9 earthquake even closer to the highly populated capital and metropolitan area of Tokyo.

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Researchers raise level of great Earthquake to hit Japan

Although scientists do not exactly know when an earthquake will hit they have a clear understanding of their cyclical nature and early warning technology is still advancing.  In fact, the Great Tohoku Earthquake was actually detected 1 minute in Tokyo before the earthquake began.  This perhaps gave some people a moment to find a safe area or take cover.

Below is a video in Japanese that explains the sure inevitability of the Great Tokai Earthquake that will come in our lifetime.  The scary thing is that on this 300 year cycle as before Mount Fuji is bound to erupt.  That means that this next Tokai quake will most likely be 1000 times stronger than the Great Tokyo Earthquake of 1923.

(The video is in Japanese but needs no real translation just watch the visuals and you will get the idea. Plus if your studying Japanese there is some motivation for you).

Beside Japan there is also talk of a great earthquake and tsunami that will hit the west coast of the United States. Many experts are concerned with the continued high activity on the pacific ring of fire and some believe that another great earthquake will occur in 2012 somewhere along it.

Some experts see the potential for another Great Earthquake along the Juan de Fuca plate devastating Oregon and triggering massive and destructive tsunamis along the west coast of America.  This earthquake like the Tokai Earthquake in Japan is due to occur this century.

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The Great Coming Cascadia Earthquake

The population of the world is increasing and people are naturally drawn to live in places near fault lines which tend to have properties conducive to human settlement.  This is the conundrum that humanity faces as civilization evolves and progresses.

For an island people like the Japanese there seems to be little but no choice to invent, improve, or adjust to drastic living conditions in order to survive.  This is their fate and many of them affirm it and have strong resolve to prepare for great disaster because...

The next Big One could be tomorrow!

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