Friday, May 20, 2005


-Peace in this time of preparation
-Favor in finding a job in Japan
-Grace moving in with Yumi's family (mom & brother)
-Finances for renting a house ($4,000-$5,000 down and $1,500/,month needed)
-Location for living
-Finances for buying a used vehicle ($3,000- $5,000)
-Connection with local churches and leaders
-Wisdom in starting a ministry that fits our passion and also fits spiritual needs of our local area.
-Finances for Bibles and other Christian books and resources.

-Salvation for Yumi's mother, father, and sister
-Healing for Yumi's father who had a lung removed from cancer
-Healing for Yumi's mother who is having a polyp removed
-Vision and passion for Yumi's brother as he is a young believer
-Healing in the relationship between Yumi and her sister


  1. i will be praying for you guys

  2. Hi, Steve&Yumi-chan
    This is Saeko. I am so sorry I may not be able to visit you before you leave. My school is too busy. But I definately pray for your ministry and new life in Japan. I will go back there end of June. I hope I see you over there.

    PS; please update ANNA's pictures, too!


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