Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Great Sunday

We were very blessed today to visit two churches. One was Saint Anne's Episcopal Church in Oceanside. I began my walk of faith in that church as a young boy. It was very nostalgic and many old memories were stirred up as I knelt and prayed in the sanctuary. I could not help but shed a few tears as I reflected on the LORD's faithfulness. Even from the days of my youth He has been with me.
Psalm 71:17
"Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds."
What a great verse to think about in this time. This certainly is an encouraging Word!
The next church we visited was THE FIELDS, a church in Carlsbad. It was awesome to listen to Dave preach about giving up everything to follow the LORD. As he spoke with fervency, I felt the gentle whisper of God's Spirit encouraging me saying, "Look you are doing this very thing and I am with you. Do not fear for my blessing is with you and no evil, nor hardship will overtake you." I almost broke down and wept because this experience was so wonderful and I have been stressed about many unknowns in regards to my life in Japan. After the sermon I proceeded to pray with Yumi's brother Atsushi and it was a uniquely sweet time of prayer. Then I could not help but bring my tears of joy and of sorrow to the LORD as we worshipped together. At the end of the service I spoke a little about our goals and ministry to the congregation and they prayed for us. It was a touching time and I am forever grateful for the time with THE FIELDS and the relationships I have made there.
Praise God, in every season of life bring offerings of tears, offerings of song, offerings of wealth, offerings of devotion and sacrifice to His throne.
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