Monday, May 30, 2005

Praise Report

We are just a day away from our trip to our new home in Japan. We will first we living in Funabashi City, Chiba. This last week God has surprised us with numerous financial contributions! We also sold our car! We deeply appreciate the generous giving of many friends and family. We now have a total of about $4,000 to live on in Japan (before less than $500). This is an answer to a prayer request that we just posted! Thank you to those who have been praying for our financial needs. We are so excited that God has blessed us and that we can now bless you by sharing our testimony. God often waits till the last minute so that He may extract the most glory possible from the situation. He waits so that everybody knows it is not you, but Him. It was not our strategic financial planning nor our cunning business savvy, but the grace of God working through many people that made such a thing possible. We pray that the Lord continues to increase us and you in faith so that we may see many great things and miracles that bring glory to God. To Him all riches, power, honor and glory, forever and ever. AMEN.
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