Saturday, June 04, 2005

We are in Japan

Well we have made it through the gates and into a new life. It is amazing how fast things in life can change and how fast they can change you. Despite the long journey, I feel refreshed and excited! God certainly is with us and "He has annointed us to preach the good news." It is His power that resides upon the Gospel and the light of His Word will shine through us to others. I feel a stirring in my spirit like I have never felt before as we meet strangers and talk with them. I feel the LORD opening up a well in my heart for these people. A well that will bring forth springs of living water. A welling of deep compassion for the lost and broken hearted people whom God has put around us. This truly is the time and truly is the day for us to not harden our hearts, but to tune our ears to the LORD`s voice.

Please pray that specifically that our hearts and ears would be opened to hear God`s voice as we begin to settle life for the next couple weeks.
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