Friday, June 04, 2021

VISION - Beasts of Hatred

(drawing by Naikechin)

It was in early February as I was on a prayer walk in my neighborhood a vision began to unfold before me. The LORD said to me recently at the end of May, now is the time for the vision to be TOLD for it is a picture of what is unfolding and will manifest in the nations of the earth. In the vision,

I beheld a large beast, with fangs and claws. It was being fed HATRED and it was gathering in the belly of the beast. The master of the beast continued to feed its HATRED into the beast until another beast appeared and began to fight for the scraps of HATRED.  When the master tried to separate the beasts they turned on him and devoured him.  Then the SPIRIT gave me understanding saying this,

 "For this master was cruel and carried a rod that he beat the beasts with, but he could not overcome the beasts and his plan for the beasts was undone. For he planned to release their rage and hatred into the world.  Yet the LORD has caused this to happen and the LORD will cause rain clouds to form and go over the dry and bitter lands in the earth that they would be full and satisfied again, that the nations would know that no scheme of the enemy can overcome the Lord of Hosts, the Holy One of heaven, the Ancient of days. For He raises up the rulers of the earth and overthrows them, He pours out wrath upon the wicked and the oppressors of the people. Amen"

This is where the vision ended and it was terrifying, yet the peace of God rested upon me after I beheld it. 

So beloved, as you read these words may the Spirit of God enlighten you and give you peace in the days ahead. 


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