Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reflections of Worship: Needing Him

In the middle of my battles, I realize that I have so many limitations.  I see my true state of desperation.  I think of the scope and significance of my life. That`s when I begin to realize I am flying through space and time only to arrive at an eventual destination one day.  Along the way I trick myself into thinking that I can take care of myself.  I get caught up in the ability to solve problems and make plans and preparations.  I forget how much I "need" my God.  My every need from the air I breathe, the food, the water, the shelter, the job, the clothes, He is the ultimate source.  In the act of worship, the human spirit engages God, it recognizes the essential "need" for Him.  So I encourage you to stop and tell Him how much you need Him, and you be filled with the peace of His presence.  Declaring your desperation and emptying yourself, you will find yourself to be filled, and renewed...

This is an awesome worship song sung by Bethel Church`s Kim Walker.  Enjoy the depth of worship and lay it all out before Him.

This is another great song by Hillsong that pulls me through, remembering that God is mighty and is able to bring us through.

God bless you as you listen and worship in spirit and in the truth!


  1. This reminded me of how we use to worship it that church years ago off of east vista way....we would come in....turn on a CD and spread out in the room and just praise a secret quite place! Those were some wonderful times in praise together with you my brother. Thanks for sharing that song "I need you more" it was absoulutely beautiful! Say hi to Yumi for me. I miss you guys!

  2. Good times indeed, times of praise when His spirit could touch and heal us deep within, strengthening our love for Him. Sometimes I wish I could go back...but then I think I never really have changed, the the part of me that is showing, or "growing" just appears to be different. Going back to worship is like remembering my childhood. It was and still is me. I wonder if this is making any sense lol!

  3. Great post Stephen! I always have to make sure that I do not lean upon my own understanding; for that is when I really get into trouble. Proverbs 3:5,6 have been fixed in my heart for years. Acknowledging and glorifying God in the small things shows our gratitude as well as our utter dependence on the Lord. Thank you for putting this up!


  4. Hi, You say:
    " Gd. My every need from the air I breathe, the food, the water, the shelter, the job, the clothes, He is the ultimate source."

    I tell you a quote in Hebrew; Pirkei Avot* - *Verses of the Fathers or Ethics of the Fathers is a collection of sayings, teachings, and ethical maxims of the Mishnah.

    "Better an hour of heavenly bliss in the world to come that all the pleasures of this world" (Avot 4:17). It should not be serving Gd only to receive this reward, but God does not remain in debt, and reward the person for all his good deeds. For this purpose there is a "watching eye, an ear listening and taking notes a hand" for all actions of a person in this world.

    So, God is giving you rewards!

    I wish you Peace and Mazal* (Luck*)

  5. I remember the very first time I heard Hillsongs . A truly magical and emotional time it was. Everyone was filled with tears and moved by the touch of God.

    Continue serving Christ!

  6. I love music, I love everything about it! and I love worship. One of my favorite hymns is "In Christ alone". I am not sure if you know Owl City, but here is a link to his official blog and his version of this hymn - so beautiful!
    I hope you enjoy! I love sharing music, making music, singing songs (usually loudly and not all that beautifully, but who cares)^^
    Thanks for the post


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