Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facing our Struggles: The Voice of Protest

There is such much turmoil in our world today. Many of us watch the world on television shocked by the images that we see. Some of us feel the call to take to the streets for a cause or to speak out against an injustice. There are many reasons to go fight those who have evil intentions. Yet I propose that very often these protests fall short of achieving their purpose. That being something beyond merely communicating dissatisfaction.

For a Christian, prayer is our voice of protest. Prayer is our appeal to a higher authority, the highest authority.  While there is nothing wrong with demonstrating through protest, it is very easy to neglect the exercise of protesting through prayer and petition to God.  Look at the example of Esther, who asked that people pray and fast for her before confronting evil the plot to wipe out her people.  Look at the prophets of the Old Testament, each one an example of suffering protest through prayer and in some case, like Ezekiel, public demonstrations. (Non-violent of course).

If we are bearing frustrations over injustice or the evil in our world, let us go before our God as soon as possible.  Let us not think that we can bring justice through our efforts alone.  For God changes the minds of rulers and leaders, fair or unfair, benevolent or evil. This is a hard fact to face.  If we are to cry out in public, let us first cry out to God in prayer.


  1. Steve, keep writing brother; love your mind and what God is doing in's encouraging to me as I'm back here in the states and read someone who is likeminded. I've always appreciated your writing...

    Dan Parkins

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement Dan! Great to hear from you and follow along with your writing as well. What`s your blog site url? I would be excited to post it in my links. :)


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