Sunday, November 14, 2010

Connecting Life with Faith: Making others rich

Money is on our minds.  I don`t like to think about it, but, the amount in my wallet, the amount in the bank account, those numbers, those values are on my mind constantly as I live and breathe.

I feel the need to cling to my wallet as I ride my bike just to make sure my wallet is there, so that I can buy the groceries.  Anybody know what I am talking about ?

Make no mistake, money is on our minds.  And I notice how much money and finances are showing their face in our churches and on the internet and television: "Ways to Financial freedom" and many other catchy titles.  I`m not against these because they help us with the issues we face daily, issues of money.

I just want to take a different approach today on the subject.  I want the Holy Spirit to enlighten me, as I write these thoughts to you.  I thought of the words of Paul, " sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything. "

These were words written by Paul as he poured out his heart in a letter to the Corinthians.  You can feel his emotion as he tells of his hardships and the ultimate purpose of his life.  That being the sharing of the most valuable message of all time, the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 

Looking further at his words, it seems to say that Paul cared very little about his finances and more about rejoicing in making others rich.  What an incredible message for those with money!  If companies and businesses and even countries thought to themselves, "how could we make other people rich?" Do you think that might stimulate the economy? 

Back to Paul`s words, he continues by saying he has "nothing and yet possessing everything."  Sounds a bit contradictory doesn`t it?  But it is a beautiful description of the Christian way of life.  If Jesus is your lord, then everything you have is`s all on loan: your family, your stuff, even your own body.  Yet, since we are heirs of God`s kingdom we all share in the inheritance.  That being all things that God has made. 

Psalm 24:1  The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it,
   the world, and all who live in it;

This is our inheritance, so why do we fret over the things we cannot have or the things we want so badly.  I say this knowing that I fight with feelings of discouragement over financial limitations all the time. But I am reminded by God`s word so promptly, that we are to live making others rich by the way we live and the message we share.  What does it profit us to lose who we are, for the fading riches of tomorrow? 

So my charge is that we think as Paul did, "sorrowful" as we may be (laughing).  Let us think how can  we ENRICH the lives of others.  Let us give to God what is God`s: honor and glory, for He needs not our money or possessions, but requires our allegiance, our pledge to love Him and others.  May we continue to follow in His ways.


  1. It's nice to reminded with these, keep it up.

  2. great post god only needs soul devotion money doesnt matter to him.

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