Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The first week of "Life in Japan"

Well it certainly has not been easy, but things are getting done everyday. The last four days have been spent riding in the train from city hall to city hall getting paperwork done and going to job centers, dentists, etc. At night I play guitar in the park across the street. As I sing worship songs sometimes homeless people come and tell me they enjoy the music. There are a lot of down and out people around us and I am excited when I get an opportunity to speak with them and maybe bring some light into their life. There is an emptiness here like I have never felt before. Japan has such a high population density. There are always people around. I feel their emptiness as they walk beside me on the street, or eat next to me, or sit next to me on the train. They work so hard and try to enjoy life the best they can, but they have no eternal purpose. There is no eternal ambition just the ambition for earthly pleasure. God awaken eyes to see and ears to hear! May we be a precious bearers of God`s Spirit, which is at its very essence divine love, and release the frangrance of Christ to this people. Amen.
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