Monday, July 19, 2010

Connecting Life with Faith: Love is a choice

Love is a choice that takes place everday.

Certainly feelings are involved in everything we do, but ultimately the choice we face daily with the people around us is: Do we act according to love or not love them?

But love isn`t is costly.

Some days it may only cost us a smile and one day it may cost you your life. Think of all the examples of loving sacrifice you hear of in the news, or on TV, or maybe you even know some personal examples or people in your life who have paid the ultimate price.

Love feeds our souls. You can live for love....or live off of hate. It is interesting to note how love and hate are actually closely related. They are not opposing forces you see. Hate is just the love of the opposing side of another. If a person hates one thing it is because he loves another.

The absence of love....apathy. That is the choice not to care, or act for something.

Love is a strange substance. Some days we feel it, others we don`t. When we choose it, we may feel different other times we feel exactly the same as before.

It is hard to put our finger on...not fully understood and comprehended...but universal in every way. The smallest babe to the oldest person knows what love is.

Emotions may move us into a place of action, but love is the button push that sends us into motion.

Our feelings give us the green, yellow, or red light, but we have to push the accelerator.

When we wake up the morning, the sunshine reminds of the grace and time we have, and love calls us to choose it today. It`s up to you!

Love someone in the best way you can today and there will be no regret for you when the sun goes down.

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