Friday, April 20, 2012

U.S. West Coast: How Ready are We for a Great Earthquake or Tsunami?

A tsunami evacuation sign posted in Southern California 2012

As the world continues to spin and the earth continues to move we find ourselves facing the reality that we are just here for the ride.  The earth is wild and not tame.  Though man with every generation gains knowledge and grows in population and culture, it seems we can only attempt to lessen the inevitable damage and loss of life that comes from the disasters of the earth.
With the disastrous event that was clearly seen by the entire world, people around the world most certainly will be asking,

"What if that were to happen to us?"

In no other time in history have we been able to see the horrible and awesome wrath of the tsunami upon humanity.  March 11th combined with the Fukushima meltdown and on going crisis has awoken humanity to the realization that safety is an on going battle, and with all our ingenuity, it perhaps can easily be forgotten.

Over the past year many experts raised valid concerns that the San Onofre Nuclear power plant located near San Clemente would not be able to handle a massive earthquake or tsunami like what was seen in Japan.  This would be a population of millions of people at risk for a catastrophic nuclear event.

Personally I have serious doubts that the U.S. could handle such a combined disaster very well.  That being said I did make the observation that there is a tsunami evacuation route posted along the roads to beaches that seem to ease concerns most likely brought about by the impact of 3/11.

Below is an amazing video that shows exactly what it feels like to be caught up in a tsunami.  It is almost surreal I encourage you to watch and share it and ask yourself what would you do? or even would you be ready for such an event.

Ultimately worry is counter productive but discussion about such disaster scenarios and improvements that could be made is absolutely necessary to preserve life.  When it happens, you will not have time to plan only time to react and try to do your best to survive.  This is coming from a person who lived in Japan when it all happened on that fateful day.

God bless and be ready in your heart for any circumstance.  How great the gift of faith is in times of trouble!

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  1. Like what you said in the last paragraph. Worry is counter productive. We have to think critically about we should do about the dangers we face.


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