Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God's Divine Wind- The Kamikaze

The Kanji character for Kami Kaze

After several months of much turmoil and difficulty I have returned to Holy Fire in an attempt to share my thoughts and experiences.  Our journey from Japan to America has been arduous to say the least.  Like a typhoon or a hurricane that blows, sometimes God's way of directing us can be turmultuous, knocking us down, even injuring us.  This divine wind that blows and changes our landscapes and lifestyles is truly awesome.  After the storm is lifted there is such clarity and beauty.  The sky is clear and our minds though battered conceive new hope has come.

I am in such a season, standing on the cusp of such an event in my life.  As God redirects us back to Japan in a prophetic and profound way, I could not help but be reminded of the term Kami Kaze.  Literally in Japanese the term means "God Wind."
This term was used during the second World War to refer to a group of pilots who when damaged would sacrifice themselves and crash into enemy targets.

However, the original meaning goes back to Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture.  The prefecture was invaded by Kublai Khan as he attempted to expand his empire.  He brought 140,000 men by fleet, the largest attempted naval invasion in history only surpassed by the D-Day invasion of WWII! The Japanese samurai were thoroughly routed by the Mongol forces. However, a great typhoon came and struck down the army as it retreated to its ships to prevent attack from the Japanese that night.  The typhoon's timing and strength caught the Mongols by surprise sinking most of their ships, over 3,000!  This "Divine Wind" saved the island of Japan from being taken over by the Mongols.

See if you can find the ships in this paiting below

The amazing thing is that God has been leading us to Fukuoka, the birthplace of the famous term Kami Kaze, to relocate and begin a new work.  I find this history to be profound confirmation that God's divine wind is indeed taking us there.  And we will arrive in His time and for His purpose in a new season of life.  May God be our Hope and Salvation.

His mighty wind is Divine and He leads us in dramatic and powerful ways.
More posts are to come...

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