Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remembering Japan: A Night of Prayer and Hope

A year from the exact day of the March 11th 2011 disaster in Japan we lit candles and placed them to spell out the characters for Japan as we said our prayers for the people and nation.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to hold an event in memory of March 11th 2011. There is no way I could capture in words the shock, terror, and sheer awe of the images the world saw on that day in Japan, yet we shared our story of that day with the people present.  We gathered with the purpose to remember together and pray together for those who are still hurting, still struggling, still suffering greatly from the aftermath of that tragic day.

The most powerful earthquake in Japan's recorded history has turned many to seek a new hope and to come together as a people. Our prayers for the Japanese were not silent wishes going up to some ambiguous Deity but were cries from the heart to bring hope and peace for them appealing to a loving and righteous God. It is a difficult thing to reflect on, but if all life belongs to God there is no other we can appeal to, no other we can turn to for something so grand, so profound.

There is hope for Japan despite all that has happened and that will happen. If Japan were to be humbled, let them rise ever stronger under a new banner of hope in a true God.

It truly was a night I will remember, a night that we, people with a burden for the Japanese, could share together. There is hope only when we look deep within and find our need to extend beyond ourselves.  We must see God's glorious story and purpose for humanity. That story began with our creation and was redeemed through Christ's sacrifice and continues with us into the future.

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