Thursday, February 02, 2012

Reflections of Worship: God is Holy

God is altogether holy, He is on another plane of existence from us, yet at the point of worship we see a glimpse of Him.  We connect with the essence that in all things exists and yet exists outside and beyond imagination.  He is full of glory and awe, wrapped in light brighter than any star in the universe.  His glory being so great that we could not stand it, our molecules or very essence would simply come apart in His presence,
For He even declared to Moses, "None have seen my face and lived"

When we join with heaven and sing His praise, there is a beautiful connection, a moment when the presence and glory of God can be felt and known.  This is only available to those who worship in what Christ said, "in spirit and truth."  In fact Jesus declared that God is looking for worshipers John 4:23  NOT worship! God does not need our worship for His ego but He takes joy in those whom He can reveal His glory to and in turn will worship as a loving response to that revelation.

Give praise and thanks! Meditate on His holiness and revel in His glory.  There the very essence of life is found, Hallelujah!

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