Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tales from Japan: Depopulation of Eastern Japan

New suggested government evacuation zone if Fukushima meltdown problems were to worsen
The 2012 new year arrived with a large earthquake in Japan. See here NEW YEAR'S QUAKE

Not long after this M7 trembler, the area of East Japan saw a sudden increase in radiation levels across several prefectures. Some areas as far as Tokyo reading twice as high as before. Fears that trouble in the number 4 reactor pool which may lead to another potential critical situation has many citizens and watchdogs concerned.

Link about criticality in Reactor 4 which had a broken pipe that dried up the fuel pool.

As more and more data continues to pile up it is becoming clear to even skeptics that this radiation contamination and extremely hazardous situation is beyond government and TEPCO's control. The media is now beginning to take a more critical tone on the situation and come to embrace the harsh reality.

Many people have begun to realize that they are risking their health and lives by staying in areas even 250km from the Fukushima power plant. In the suburbs of Tokyo there are increasing reports of children testing positive for fallout radiation from Fukushima.

It is no longer an issue of possibility, the data is slowly coming out to testify to the truth of the matter and time is crucial.  The longer people are exposed to this radiation, especially as it gets closer to the one year mark, the higher the risk, the more real the danger becomes for people living in the entire area of East Japan.

It seems that the public has been responding to the data as this map from the Asahi Shimbun shows:

The pink areas are towns that reported a decrease in population compared with October of 2011. 

There is no doubt that as more signs and symptoms manifest in the coming months that even more people will leave, many without money or support of the government or compensation from TEPCO.

Indeed a great evil is being done here. One can only hope for divine retribution for such an atrocity.

It brings to mind the messages I have heard about the future of Japan.

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