Monday, June 22, 2009

Connecting Life with Faith: Recognizing Opportunity

We all get chances. Everyday we have opportunities. Sometimes we know what things are in store and other times they come upon us all of a sudden. We are watching our lives go by and we are holding on to what we can and the opportunities we recognize, we try to take advantage of.

Sense and intuition help us to recognize opportunity. In reference to God`s kingdom and sharing the gospel, we need even more than these. We need the Spirit of God to testify through us. If we want to help with conversion and discipleship we need to learn to seek opportunity: Opportunity to teach, to learn, to share, to comfort, to rebuke, and the many other spiritual works.

Quite often I try to do these things with my own ability and while I can manage okay, I think that I miss many opportunities or I do not make the most of my chances because I do not let the Holy Spirit be the voice I speak from.

My prayer is that I learn to recognize opportunity but not only that. I hope and pray that I see and I do that which takes opportunity and makes it into prosperity. That my actions would turn the curses into blessings and sorrow into joy. Let us make the most of what we have. Our time is short and eternity is forever.

Be blessed and May God be with You

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