Thursday, September 03, 2009

His life in You

Sometimes we come to the end of our rope. Sometimes we want to give up. Sometimes we find ourselves saying "My life sucks!" or "My life is over." And you know what it`s true. Our natural lives lead to death and destruction.

We despair over our situations or status and we forget we were bought with a price. His life has become our life. His life is eternal and it doesn`t "suck", it is amazing and powerful. It consumes us giving a sense of purpose and pleasure that this world cannot provide.

Let`s remember that God life is in us today. We have something that will not wither, rust, or be stolen away. We have the gift of the Holy Spirit, that when given the opportunity can transform us. It can turn our world upside down, but give us the greatest peace we can ever know.

When we come to the reality that we are doomed to destruction in our natural bodies and even in our spirit, we can embrace this precious gift of life through the Spirit of God.

His life through us can change families, jobs, even the worst of situations into a place of praise. Think about Paul and Barnabass rotting in a 1st century prison. It can bring a smile to our face and health to our bodies and minds.

Our time here is short, in order to live to the fullest we need this gift of God life active in us everyday. Ask God to invigorate you with His Spirit today, as you put your faith and trust in Him. Thank you Jesus!!

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