Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spiritual Realignment

The term "spiritual realignment" probably seems pretty clear. I am not sure who from, but I know my spiritual mentors and teachers have all in some way highlighted this important concept.

Most of us have cars or know enough about them to be familar with the term "alignment." After driving a car for a number of miles, in order for a car to continue to run well and drive straight it needs to be aligned. Overtime and depending on how we drive and where we drive,(terrain) we may need to have an alignment sooner or later, but eventually, especially as we hit potholes and trouble spots on the road, things get misaligned.

You know where this is leading... The same is true in our spiritual lives as well. We may have just been through a lot of difficulty (bumpy roads) or have been driving quite wrecklessly, or just as time unfolds, we find ourselves not driving as straight as we once were. Whatever condition we are in, the Bible calls that we are to remember to realign ourselves to its principles and truths. We are to take the time and even pay the cost to get back in agreement with the foundamental truth of God`s Word. As we do these things we will become straight and we will find a joy in running the road before us without the strain we once had.

Personally, I have been through a lot and as I took time to examine my own spiritual condition, this concept popped into my head. I know that whether it be by my own doing or through other factors, if I neglect to realign myself I am going to continue to struggle. What this means is that I take time and look at God`s word and say "yes" with it. I say

"That`s right God! You are right!

"That is what it`s all about."

"That is the truth!"or

"Wow! That is what really matters"

Let`s take time to look at the Scripture: Proverbs, Epistles, the Gospels, and other books that highlight the "Truth" and as we agree with it, we will most certainly feel an aligment of the mind and spirit taking place.

God Bless you for reading and may you feel the grace of God in abundance.

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