Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spiritual Wisdom

We often want to be wise and successful in our lives. Most of us desire wisdom because of the many choices we have to make each day. It is quite easy to underestimate the value of wisdom in our daily lives.
The book of Proverbs praises the wise man while the foolish man is scorned. Life is too short to waste as a fool so we begin to eagerly desire this pure wisdom. The book of James speaks of wisdom saying, "that if anyone of you lacks wisdom he should ask God." Furthermore, he continues to write saying that "wisdom from heaven is pure (in motive)..."
This should give us some insight into the purpose and plan of wisdom in our lives. God dispenses it to those who seek it and ask for it. This wisdom is not mere technical know-how, but it transcends worldly thinking. It is God-breathed spiritual wisdom used for His purpose and plan.
Let us take in mind Joseph, whose wisdom was both spiritual and technical. This wisdom saved the land of Egypt from disaster. However, we must remember that wisdom has a cost. Joseph spiritual wisdom was developed through suffering and trials of many kinds, but because he sought the Lord continually the Lord favored him and fulfilled His purpose through Joseph and at the end of Joseph's trials he could say the famous words, "what you meant for evil the Lord intended for good."
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