Thursday, April 26, 2007

New computer

Well it seems as though God deemed it necessary to take away the old and supply a new computer. The old computer was an Ibook(wasn`t very compatible with this blogsite) and the new laptop is a PC. Hopefully I will get back with blogging and since I have a PC it is very easy to add pics and update, etc.

Well if anybody is reading these blogs, I`m sure they will notice a difference in the next couple months. Right now I am the only one up and it is early in the morning. This is probably the only time I can ever be alone to do blogging. Recently I have been exhausted and unable to get up early and have time to myself, much less time to use the internet or think about typing a blog. However, it may be God`s leading...His providence has allowed for this moment.

Everyday is an adventure in history. I can quite easily be caught in the mundane activities of riding the same train, changing diapers, cleaning, emptying the trash, etc., but I believe I can also be invited by my Creator to seek after Him each day. I can ask of Him, receive from Him, be blessed by Him, praise Him, do things with Him in mind, talk with Him, and talk about Him, reflect on Him, and many more. This adds a new level of adventure to my life, because you never know what God might lead you to do, say, or think. He faithfully sculpts our minds and bridles our tongues. His grace is sufficient for our failures and His wisdom is our treasure. His love never fails. Amen.
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