Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wretched but Redeemable

This was written on 11\29/06

"Wretched but Redeemable"
This must be the mindset of the disciple of Christ. As soon as the disciple begins to overlook the wretchedness in his heart, his conscience becomes seered. There is no longer any feeling when they sin. There is only emptiness and vanity to occupy the seered heart.
Yet, a disciple who looks upon his failures and wretched sinful state and lets it be a means to be more dependent on Christ, that is the saint who understands redemption.

Our faults should ever drive us closer to the redeeming love that Christ had borne for us. It`s a love that never ends and it can save the worst of all sinnners.

So let us cry to God in our wretchedness, for in it He has allowed us opportunity to know the depth of His redeeming love.
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