Monday, December 11, 2006

Learning to Worship

Often I ask God's guidance for my prayer life. It is important that our prayers not only echo our desire and needs, but are also in tune with God's heart and kingdom purpose. So this is the season to remember our Lord and His birth. The Bible records our Saviour's first days on earth and what did the people do? They worshipped Him. They brought offerings and gifts for Him.
My prayer is that this season I can once again learn to worship Him. I feel like everything has to start over again. The American Christian life was very different than what I experience here. So I ask my God, "Teach me to worship you here!" "Teach me how to worship you in this foreign and pagan land that it may be a light unto the them." For God has called us to be "a light among the gentile nations."(Isaiah 49:6)
This is my prayer and my meditation. May God grant me and teach me this that it may prove the power of His Word and the faithfulness of His promise. Amen.
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