Sunday, March 26, 2006


We have been very busy these days with moving and other work responsibilities. I find myself longing for home in America in the midst of this busyness. I miss the brisk breeze of the ocean and warmth of sun on my shoulders. And even more I miss my beloved family and friends who never cease to pray for us and our needs.
As my heart aches, the Comforter comes to remind that Christ did not think upon the loneliness of the cross, nor did he dread the suffering of the crucification, but kept His focus on the joy and glory of the Kingdom of Heaven. It was for this joy that he endured the cross, for our sake. What a great God we have!
He certainly shall give us our portion and raise us up, when we bow low and wait upon Him. We may have sorrows, but He shall give us His oil of gladness! May we receive that joy today and never cease to praise Him in our hearts!
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