Sunday, April 30, 2006

Christ in His suffering

Oh our pains and sufferings! How easy it is to let our rage and anguish let loose, so quickly bringing peril and destruction. In our suffering we see our sinful hearts` reaction. It wants to curse those who curse us, and bring harm to our persecutors. I see this in my life and the Almighty spirit that dwells in me quickly lifts my eyes to the cross of Christ. For what were the words that he spoke when the nail struck in his hands, they were not cries of anguish and rage, or fowl words and curses. His instant reaction to pain inflicted on Him, without cause, was "Father forgive them!" O How I wish I would cry out such glorious words towards my adversaries. That as soon as they speak evil of me, I would pray on their behalf.

God indeed knows our sufferings and He will avenge on our behalf. His wrath and rage is so much greater than our own. So how fearful it is for the persecutors of His children, how terrible for those who curse the bride of Christ! Will they not flee from Him when He comes and will they not hide, crying out the for moutains and hills to fall upon them. O How terrible their fate! Yet, if God forgive them, how glorious and happy they shall be!
So we commit our enemies, or persecutors, whoever they may be, to God. This is Christ in His suffering, and for the Christian it is to our glory to forgive their offense.
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