Monday, May 29, 2006

Prison Time

It is startling to think about Paul being confined to a prison for a good part of his ministry life. Yet, we know that God spoke mightily through Paul in his letters to the churches. So mightily, that the words have been sealed in the Holy Word of God. So there are times in the lives of believers where we are removed from the social labors of the Gospel. In these seasons we do not have the public attention or recogination from others that we often enjoy. In our prison times we learn to be content, we learn to pray, we learn to wait, we learn to be thankful, we learn to hope, and we learn to have joy in the midst of suffering. These are powerful secrets to the Christian walk that truly can only be unlocked in times of testing and in times of divine isolation.
So when a young believer prays to grow in life with God, it should be known that such a time may certainly come. That it will be a time for chastening and a time where you will learn the depth of your depravity of heart. But ever so gentle, ever so loving shall the Savior lead and through it all you will endure. Your sin cannot hold back His redeeming love, nor cannot remove His mark from you. For remember in all circumstances that you are His, and He is the good shepard and a wonderful bridegroom.
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