Friday, October 14, 2005


We are mourning for Yumi`s father who just passed away last Sunday. We had seen him go through so much already. It was dreadful to watch the last days of his life be so difficult. Yet we pressed into our LORD saying, "Spare him O God! Let this become a miracle to glorify you!" He was the father I never had a chance to get to know. We only had one time just the two of us. It was when he came for our wedding. I will never forget it. I took him to the Oceanside harbor and we ate together. Later, he would always brag about how good that time was and how much he enjoyed the food. I never had a chance to love him as a father. I only could lay my hands on him and pray for him in the last hours of his life. So we mourn and look for comfort in the arms of our Savior, who hold the breath of all life in his hands. Amen.
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