Thursday, September 29, 2005

Let us Rejoice

God is a rejoicing God. He rejoices over His children even in their immaturity (Zeph). Even though Israel cried out saying, "I have been forsaken, I have been forgotten!", God responds, "Can a woman forget her child, the son of her womb? Though she may forget, certainly I will not forget you!"(Isaiah 49:13-15). God comforts us in our afflictions. Though we are condemned, cheated and abandoned, He will not forget us.
I think about our struggles and I know the sin in my heart. If I have any righteousness, it belongs to Christ. For I cannot even speak as Job, one righteous before God, yet I appeal to Christ my mediator. He is my priest and my living sacrifice. I am His and I am silent before Him. In this I have great joy! It is the rejoicing of new life and all creation waits for it. For we have tasted it and soon will see the glory of God before our eyes.
So we will take these words and hide them in our heart. "Always Rejoice, again I say always rejoice!", to Nehemiah it was said, "The joy of the Lord is your strength."
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