Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tales From Japan, Okinawa - Healings Breakout and Spread to others in Japan

I was so excited to see God work in Okinawa in so many ways
Last Sunday night I arrived in Okinawa and on Monday I gathered together for a time of sharing about Dynamic Church Planting training.  That was a great time to seek the LORD, network, pray, and get to know one another before our training event coming up (April 24-26)

As we were having dinner at the church which opens its doors to feed neighborhood families, I encountered a woman in a lot of pain.  She couldn't stop talking about how much it hurt and how she could barely move without pain.  Pastor Naomi from the church said let's pray and after everyone had ate we took the woman aside and began to pray.  She sat calmly as I began to lay on hands and rebuke and cast out the sickness in every area she told me.  She had side, chest, neck, shoulder pain and a headache.  Within in less than a minute her whole body began to get very hot she said.  At this point I asked her to stand up and walk around and tell me how she felt.  She was completely shocked.  Everything was gone.  No pain anywhere.  You can see her reaction in the video below.

Also after that others began to line up for prayer.  We saw miracles from severe stomach pain being healed to blind eyes seeing and even family members were healed at the same time in other areas of Okinawa.  In the video below a generational condition of bad eye sight was healed in Jesus' name simultaneously.  The healings even continued into the next day as I went together with some others to pray in a local park.

The FB videos are in Japanese but I think most will understand what is going on.  I was so inspired about what God was doing I did a FB live to explain with the hopes of equipping and inspiring others to do the same.

I podcasted about the healings which also led to more people being healed because the faith for healing became contagious.  So often we do not have because we do not ask God, nor do we believe. This is a struggle for me even after seen such amazing miracles.  The walk of faith requires daily renewing our mind in the word and stepping out from what is comfortable into a real RISK.  Yes faith causes us to risk something.  But the sacrifice of humiliation or akwardness is nothing compared to the price JESUS paid, nor can it come close to the glory when GOD shows up and does a wonder in our midst.

I explain in this video the details about the miracles in ENGLISH





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