Monday, April 03, 2017

Prophetic Vision of the Cursed Cloud & Rainbow Generation

I saw an open vision at the end of January, as I was fasting and praying to the LORD. This vision is in regard to the Kairos, which is season or time we are entering.  Interesting the modern meaning of Kairos in Greek is weather and this vision happens to contain weather elements to it.  

In a vision I saw a large group of people in darkness.  The darkness was like a cloud around them. When they spoke, the darkness came out of their mouths. They would cough and moan and some would even cry out from the despair. They would shout at God and curse at one another. Wherever they would go the cloud would follow them. Then I saw people in pairs coming from a bright light in the distance and as they came I saw above their heads something that looks like a rainbow that shown brightly. They would run and jump with excitement and when they did this the rainbow would glow brightly over them.  They went two by two and they went into the darkness of the cloud and they find people in the cloud and sing to them.  They would take them by the hands and would sing to those who were caught in the darkness. They would take a person and sing to them and that person would spit out something like a piece of coal and the darkness would leave them. Those rescued from the cloud would leave the cloud come out into the light.  Then those two would take the coal that came out of the person and they would burn it in a furnace until it was completely gone. However some of those who were still in the darkness of the cloud began to throw stones at those who came in from the light.  In this way many of the pairs were scattered. This prevented the rainbow people from further helping others who were trapped in the dark cloud. This process occurred over and over again and as I watched I continued to see people delivered from the darkness. 

Then I saw an angel come down from above and it called out in a loud voice to those who came out from the light.

"The day is done and the night shall come. Let all come to the throne of the king of heaven and receive their wages!"

After this the angel left and darkness began to grow until I could not see anything more, but I could still hear the moans and groaning of those remaining in the darkness. At this time only the lantern of the angel was left. And a voice spoke out from the lantern and it was a voice like a beast.  It would roar from time to time and as it did this the sounds around this would stop and it would be silent for awhile, but soon after those in the darkness would begin to moan again. This again repeated and lasted for a time.  Then the dawn came. Then the lantern faded away with the dawn and only the voice remained.  However the voice had changed to that of a man.  The voice was noble and full of wisdom.  It spoke to those in the darkness.  It spoke to the cloud with the wisdom and spoke of the secrets of God and said these things.

"You speak a curse over yourself and your own words condemn you. You need only to receive the promise and speak it over yourself."

The voice continued to say these words to those who were trapped in the cloud as their moaning and groaning continued and they even would curse one another. 

The voice then said,"Now it is time for a new way!" It told those from the light to gather and as they did, a great rainbow shown all over them.  The rainbow was bright with many colors and as it hit the dark cloud, the darkness would scatter and the people of the rainbow could once again easily run out to help those who were in the cloud.  This rainbow would move and cast out the darkness so that many more people could be delivered from the darkness. Here the vision ended.

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