Friday, September 16, 2016

The Kids sing Amazing Grace. God let that be the foundation of our families!

image from Ministry to Children

Last weekend my kids got to be part of worship up in front and lead everyone in the song Amazing Grace. Although the song is in English it is very well known in Japan.  It is played at weddings and on dramas of all kinds even though they aren`t Christian.  Seeing my family be a part of the ministry is very exciting.  Today I spoke on the GBC-radio on our show this morning about Christ being the cornerstone or the foundation of our lives.  At that means just more than our individual lives but our collective communities, families and marriages.  The rock is solid and we can lean into in without the fear of things falling apart.  This is what Jesus wants us to do.  He is strong and able and we can stand and have peace in the storm if he is our ROCK the foundation of the lives.  And even if things fall apart we have His amazing grace with us always.


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