Friday, September 16, 2016

HIS WORD - sharing God's word and teaching English in Japan

This is just one of the many ministries I am involved with in Japan.  Weekly English classes at a very easy accessible church facility in the downtown area of Fukuoka, Japan.  I live about 15 minutes away by car and a variety of people come from mothers to retirees and even college students.  I teach in the evening from 7:00pm and start the class off with a little conversation warm-up and then get the students to practice describing things using the English they know and to reinforce I go through the text of the Bible highlighting grammar points and other elements of language, culture etc.

I call the class HIS WORD and I have had many opportunities to both bless and share about Jesus with the wonderful people in Japan.


(The previous video was corrupted and so I have updated this post with a video from NOVEMBER.)

Here is a video clip from the last class.  I teach in Japanese mostly.  This class is volunteer and free of charge.

HIS WORD English in Fukuoka, Japan.

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