Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reflections of Worship: As a Child

The last couple days I have been reminiscencing, whenever I get the time, about my childhood.  I have been spending time trying to remember the feelings I had, the thoughts I had about myself and the world.  There are many lessons learned through childhood and unlearned in adulthood.  Something tells me I need to go back to simplicity, and part of that is remembering when life was simple. 
My aim in all this is to live according to the wisdom I have acquired but not forget the heart of a child.

I found this song by Jason Upton to be greatly moving and inspiring,


  1. I've been doing the same recently. Maybe that's just what you do when you get older. Or maybe because we both work with kids, it's a constant reminder of that time and how we would think and act.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts.

    Ealy Childhood, a time when we see the world around us without any filters of selfish interests. A time precious time when there is no politics ones life. Truth is truth and the false is false until we get older and learn to mould it in favor of our family's, city's and country's momentary interest.

  3. The older I get and the more I experience real life what I miss the most is the wonder. As a child I marveled at the simplest of things. I found peace in the mystery's of God where as now I try to hard to figure them out. I miss the blind trust of being a child. . .so my prayer is to have the heart of a child and simply trust my Lord with all I can't understand.

  4. I am glad to be back here on your nice blog.
    Let's keep in touch.


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