Sunday, January 30, 2011

Connecting Life with Faith: A True Worship Experience

When it comes to Christian life, we hear the word "worship" a lot.  Most of us associate worship with music or singing.  Some may associate worship with solemn prayer or celebration and dancing.  Worship encompasses the full range of human emotions.  It is expressed through our mindful actions and dedicated lifestyles.

It is more than just showing up to church on Sunday, or singing along with songs, or rocking out to the music, there is something deeper to it.

When it comes to our specific acts of worship, attitude of heart helps us to experience true Biblical worship.  Check out Pastor Mike`s 7 points on Worship

7 points of Worship

Worship is one of the defining characteristics of Christianity.  We are called to worship God, it is not an option.  It is an intricate part of the relationship. But it is not something to be done merely externally.  Jesus` words urge us to "worship in spirit and truth."  So we must examine ourselves at times to see if indeed we are living and worshiping in such a way.  There is freedom, peace, and power found in the true experience of worship.

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  1. Interesting blog friend.Yes we should worship i n spirit and truth for real to have peaceful earth,unfortunately that don't seem to be the case,i wish people understand this.


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