Friday, November 19, 2010

Facing our Struggles: Oh the Pain!

We are all have felt pain in one way or another. We all can empathize, when we see somebody stub their toe, or take a dive face first. Pain invokes very strong emotions in us. When we see people enduring physical pain, our hearts feel for that person in a variety of ways.

But what is it about pain that frightens us and fascinates us? What happens to the mind as we experience pain: a traumatic episode that scars us for life, or the day to day pain of just living life? I think pain is one of the biggest role players in a person`s life.

Pain can shape our minds into somethings good when used as a discipline, but it can also warp them into something twisted and evil if taken to the extreme. The more pain we experience, the more we change. We see stories of evil villains who start out as average citizens all the time, in real life and the cinema. Meaning well they live normal lives, but when painful experiences happen to them, their responses turn them into something we dare not imagine of ourselves.

Whether it be emotional, physical, relational, or psychological, pain leaves us with holes in our hearts, and we soon try to fill those holes with other things. How many bad habits are born from coping from pain in our lives?

Yet there are many good things to learn from pain. We learn from our mistakes....most often the painful ones. We are disciplined by pain in its many forms. Without pain, how would we know something is wrong? Without pain, how would we know we are alive? People who have achieved amazing feats in their lives often have gone through extremely painful periods in their lives as well. So what are we to do with pain?

I leave the subject open to your thoughts, and I will leave it on this thought of my own. Pain can be our teacher, or our destroyer.

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