Saturday, October 27, 2007

Connecting Life with Faith: Developing the Heart

He holds our hearts in His hands and only in His light can we grow.
 Photo from Team Esteem
As each day unfolds experience is added to our lives. Each day has the potential for acquistion of new knowledge or other forms of improvement. We all know our time is limited, so most people try to make the best of their time.

I have met many people with great intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. I have met others with great strength, physique, vigor, and health. On occassion I sometimes meet a person with an amazing comination of both.

Yet, I ask myself...What shall I do? What part of me should I seek to develop? God certainly makes men wise and gives understanding. He also gives strength to men and health to their bodies. These things are good and are a revelation of God to man, but what seems to please God is the heart of a man. The Bible certainly speaks to us in this area very often.

God is very interested with the development of our hearts.

However, what does this mean? How do we develop our hearts? Is it all on us or does God have a role in this situation? These are good questions to ask ourselves. The first step is to reveal the heart to God. Our prayer times are the perfect opportunity to reveal the condition of our hearts to God. We also must remember to guard our hearts from what we know to be wrong. With this in mind, we then can seek the development of our hearts through our living in faith.

We understand with the mind and believe with the heart. In the English language there is a distinction between mind and heart. Yet, in reality these two are inseparable. We learned to believe with our minds when we heard the gospel and faith then resides at home in our hearts. When we live by faith, trusting daily in God and obeying Him, our hearts  develop and grow. We soon will face trials and troubles that God means to develop our hearts as well. It is good not to forget this.

As time steals away all other things we must not forget the eternal matters.
That being in essence, the greatest treasure we have is our hearts.
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