Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To love Him more

We were born to experience this grand mystery called "love." We were also made to love in return Him who first loved us. Furthermore we were made to love one another. Our greatest achievement is not how much power we had, or wealth, or virtue but even deeper; How much did we love? to what depth, to what heighth, to what extent did we love our God and one another?

This quest of the heart is found in our capacity to be loved by God. If we are filled with all other things besides this Godly love our lives reflect self-delusion and fleeting happiness. We must empty ourselves of the "other things." These things are the "other loves" we center our lives around. They are not all evil, but their occupation of the throne of our heart is the very deception of the Devil.

The true King of our heart is much wiser, stronger, and glorious than anything the Deceiver can conjure. His glorious light brings life and salvation. His presence hosts the eternal love of God in our heart. This is the greatest of all loves and it is the essence of God himself.

However, we must taste the bitterness of rejection before, we can know this love. For example, if a man thinks he is happy and satisfied he says, "I am happy. I do not need Christ nor His loving sacrifice. I do not know Him, what do I care?" Yet the sorrowful man says "I am worthless. I am despised by others and I need help or else it is better to die." To this rejected man the love of Christ for him is like a scented rose. He has a chance to receive what he deemed unattainable.

To all this I say "God let me love you more, increase my capacity to love you. Let me taste my brokeness and know that Your love is sweeter than honey, better than the best wine. I may be rejected by man, but the Lord will not despise me. He will hear me when I call and bless me for my faithfulness to Him."
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