Saturday, July 07, 2007


It is finished. The task given to me is complete. My vow and my fast fulfilled.

It was a day full of surprises and a lot of work. I had to travel about 2 hours on the train early in the morning to perform MC duties for my company at a teacher seminar. The seminar went till about 4:30. After that I returned to worship at Funabashi at 6:30 and that went till about 9:00. I came home about 10:00 and had communion after midnight.

I am exhausted, but my soul has peace. I have been renewed and my heart has been restored. The LORD has done a work in me and I am only beginning to understand it. This is a year of happenings and God will open the gates and His Spirit will move upon the people. They will shine with the glory of God and their light wil bring others to praise the Father in heaven.

The LORD will shake the earth and shrines where gods and idols are worshipped will fall. The heart of Japan will shake and the name of the LORD will be honored. The gods will be forgotten and the people will turn to the one true God for their help. He will open their eyes to see and ears to hear the words of life. There will be floods that wash away idols from the land, the earthquakes will ruin the famous places of worship and people will be unable to offer prayers to false gods. God will bring it to pass and this year it shall begin.

Magnify the LORD, revere Him all you nations, woship Him in beauty of His holiness.
May His face shine on us and may He be merciful to us and forgive our sins
He is our God and we are His people.
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