Sunday, July 08, 2007


Today is Monday. It is early and for some reason I found myself in the need to prayer from 3am this morning. I watched the sky change color from candlelight. This brought the thought to me that a burning candle has no real use in the daylight. Now we are in the darkness and our lights burn bright and hot, but one day it will no longer matter. One day the Son will appear and the light of eternity will shine forever.

There is a strange feeling when coming off a fast. You eat and appreciate it, but you also feel sad about it. You realize the disappointment of food. It only satisfies the appetite, not the soul. It is a mere physical act of necessity meant to strengthen the body, but it cannot bring strength to the heart. It is enjoyable at times, but it cannot compare to the joy of fellowship with God.

Now it is time again for breakfast. However, I have remembered to start with the LORD. He gives me the strength I need and the resolve to live righteously. From now on I will eat everyday and life will go on, but let me not neglect the essential spiritual diet I need. I must continue to thirst and hunger for Him, His righteousness, and His Kingdom.
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