Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Anna

Anna`s birthday was June 30. We celebrated her third year and gave thanks to God for bestowing her to us this past Saturday. She was a happy girl on that day. A new tricycle, wooden cutting set, Disney game, and ukelele(?). Plus tons of icecream, which she loves!!

We had a birthday meal at the Fujiya restaurant by Funabashi station with Yumi`s mom and then brought an icecream cake home and watched Anna eat as much as she could.

Thank you LORD for Anna, for the joy of her laughter and even the tears she cries. It has not been easy for her since moving, nor with adjusting to a baby sister. God bless Anna and comfort her always. Teach your ways and your truth. Give her peace in all her ways.
Thank you for her health and her precious heart. May she be blessed this year. Amen
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