Friday, June 29, 2007

one more week...

O God who is faithful and God who is love,
God who is merciful and God who is just,
Remember our prayers and turn to our cry,
Humility and repentence you will not deny.
Save our nations, homes, and hearts
for this reason you came to start
a new kingdom of redemption and glory,
won`t you use me to write Your story.

All glory be to God! Let Him be praised forever!! His glory increase and mine decrease. May he receive the praises of men everyone and may my lips never cease to magnify Him.

As for me, I cannot stand before Him. My heart grows faint and I cannot speak with eloquence. What can I say to Him, He who made everything, who dwells in glorious light unseen by the eye of man? I tremble and I weep before Him in heaven...who is worthy? who is able to behold Him as He is?

Draw close to me Lord. I cannot see you anymore. I am blind and I stumble, but You are my light and my salvation. I have walked into darkness and I have grown weary, but you came and rescued me. Come O Lord and give me the Spirit of glory. Teach me O God. Let your Spirit give me understanding in all my ways. Let your Holy Spirit do a work in me. Let it be wonderful. You give life to a man by Your Spirit and bless him according to your lovingkindness.
The Spirit of God gives life to all who ask and those who seek God, find life everlasting. Amen.

One more week to go and I am poured out completely. There is not much of me, but I will give all I am to the One who gave all for me. I will finish and I will see the glory of my God before me. His glory will ever be before me and I will pursue it because as Peter said "where else can we go?" His glory consumes us. Even though we hunger, only He can satisfy.

My body aches and is tired, but my spirit will not rest until I have sought God Almighty. My prayer is to bring forth His will be done, and my petition is for His kingdom to reign on earth as it is heaven...glorious!
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