Monday, June 11, 2007

Prayers from the balcony

Daily I am called to my balcony to pray for many things, many people and for God`s kingdom in many facets. By candlelight and morning light, in the warm sun, and in the cool rain I kneel and sit before my precious Lord. At times I need only groan and allow time for a desire to well inside me. This welling in time producing the pouring forth of prayers offered up to Him to reigns on high, He who sees me from eternity and knows me perfectly.

I confess, it is a challenge for me to pray in Japan. Last time I fasted such as this I had the luxury of time and freedom, now I cannot fathom it. I have work 8 hours, about two hours commuting, and the rest of my time goes to caring for needs of family and other chores needed to be done around the house.

Yet I feel strong and more able to carry such a load than ever before. This is the miracle of fasting. All who fast will discover this: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by ever word proceeding the mouth of God."

We are not bound to fast, but have grace to fast according to the One who gives. Fasting can puzzle many, causing division and pride to arise, if not done with the call of His grace and passion of His kingdom. For there are times for leaders to call us to fast and pray corporately and times for a personal call to fast. The personal call is often a sign of His grace to come in our lives for various reasons. These calls can appear together and at times are separate for the disciple. To be a disciple requires discipline (hence the word) and I know of no other more rigorous and rewarding discipline greater than fasting.
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