Sunday, September 24, 2006

Digging Wells of Personal Revival

There is a river of life that is flowing through the Christian. This spring was described by Jesus.(John 7:38) However, often things stuff up our springs and then they become covered in sin and other forms of distraction. Hence in these times there is a sense of dryness in the life of the Christian. It is in this time that one must begin to dig through prayer and fasting for the flowing stream. There is no other way to reach this abundant spring without spiritual determination and discipline. To sacrifice pleasures and to ask God to open up the springs of our heart will allow us to become the very "revival" that we Christians always talk about. The revival begins with the church and will then pour into our towns, communities, and cities evangelizing, purifying, healing, and casting out all forms of evil! This is the power and the glory of God and it is my heart's desire to see it in my own family and in this country.

Join with me in this saying,
"I cry out to you, my God, to make me pure of heart, a clean vessel, a spring and well of revival in my family, in my community, and my country. I ask that you would put a desire in my heart for your Kingdom that your will be done in my life and in my world."

Let God speak to you today and remember His love for you. His greatest desire is to fill you in all measure and to see you used as an instrument of glory that will impact His eternal Kingdom.
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