Monday, September 18, 2006


Well it has been almost three months since my last posting and there are many reasons for that. The best one I can talk about is that we have a new addition to our family, a beautiful little baby girl. Manna was born on July 23 in Tokyo and she is now nearing two months. She has grown so much! She has gone from 3 kilograms to over 5 kilograms in about a month. She smiles and makes all sorts of cute noises at her current stage. She is beautiful in so many ways.

Her birth was foretold to me by the LORD last September. He said to me, "Look! I will give you Manna." and I knew in that moment that Manna was a child, not the typical intrepretation of "provision" that Christians associate with the word manna. Furthermore a few months later the LORD gave me a dream of a baby girl that looked a lot like our daughter Anna, but of course in the dream I knew it was Manna. Also around that time God confirmed her name to me in a scripture as I was reading through the Book of Revelation. "...To him who overcomes I will give him the hidden manna..." (2:17).

As I reflect on these things and other divine encounters relating to Manna's birth I cannot help but marvel at our God. Our God is mysterious and intriguing. He fills us with awe and wonder in the way He works all things for His will to be. May our children be the recepients of His great blessing today and may their spiritual blessings and gifts be a double portion! For such a time as this God's will has brought them into the world.
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