Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anna starts nursury

Anna has just started nursury this past week and it has been quite an adjustment. This is one of those difficult times as a parent, but also a time of somewhat of a breather. We have been so caught up in taking care of Anna it is hard to relax, even though she is not at home. She is daily in our prayers and thoughts and we miss her. Yet, this is the only way as the baby is born to work things out at the beginning.
As Anna gets used to the nursury, the more fun it will be for her in the long run, because with a new born you cannot go outside and play very much. Unfortunately the last couple months have been extremely busy at work and I have worked 6 days a week almost every week. I feel sorry that our family time has shrunk, but it makes me all the more happier when we are together.
Once things settle down after a couple months of the having the baby, the nursury time will end for Anna. God bless her and use her even now as an energetic, playful, caring, and loving child to touch the lives of others in a special way and may God's angels keep watch over her and may His spirit guide her in everyway. Amen.
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