Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Anthill

The Lord continues to lead us through our life in Japan, despite our many failures. In our time here we are constantly reminded by Him to trust in His faithfulness. I am so eager at times, yet I am weak in flesh to accomplish His will. (Matthew 26:41)
Recently as I was in prayer the Spirit asked me, "Where have you been placed?" and I answered internally saying, "In Japan, in Funabashi, in the Tsukada area." I continued further to reflect on the question, for in it is a divine purpose and direction. Often God will direct not by simple command, but by inquisition. As he said to Adam, "Where are you?" so to us he says many other questions that guide us to the path that is more righteous.
The word tsuka refers to a mound, den, layer, tomb, or is mostly is known for the word "aritsuka" which means anthill. Here is the key to the task the LORD has for us. After this connection was made the Holy Spirit quickly downloaded to me the details, saying, " You are an ant, nobody knows you and your influence is small, yet I have called you to this season to be an ant in an anthill. That you would work hard and store up your prayers in this season. "
So we are in an anthill and it is not by accident or even by disobedience. It is God's will for us in this season and I have no doubt that there is a great purpose for it and it is to be enjoyed in light of that purpose for the glory of God. So I give great thanks to my God for He has shown me the way and He is with me and my family together. Let us all rejoice in the path ahead, for with Christ there awaits an eternal glory and purpose that will never fade.
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