Wednesday, August 31, 2005


-An apparent restoration of the relationship between Yumi and her sister. It seems Junko has decided to reconcile because of the issue with Yumi`s father`s terminal cancer.
-Yumi`s father`s condition is a lot better after his surgery to remove two brain tumors.
-Even though we have little money God has constantly provided for us with free meals every so often and a free bag of rice.

-Favor in finding a full time job in Japan
-Finances to live off of and pay off our debts
-We are not sure what will happen with Yumi`s family. It seems as though we will not live with them as intially planned.
-Finances for buying a used vehicle ($3,000- $5,000)
-Protection for our health, all three of us have had bronchitis and are still recovering.

-Vision for us and Shou as we meet and pray together.
-Finances for Bibles and other Christian books and resources.

-Salvation for Yumi's mother, father, and sister.
-Continued healing for Yumi's father who had a lung removed from cancer. His recovery has been miraculous already. Please pray that He would recognize God as the one who has saved him from sudden death and that he would give glory to God for his miraculous recovery.
-A revival work of the LORD in Yumi`s brother`s life. He has said yes to salvation, but knows very little and has little desire to follow after Christ daily.

*I have highlighted updated pray requests.
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