Sunday, July 31, 2005


-We have been blessed with a brand new rental home (just built this May).
-I have a 6 month teaching job starting August 3.
-We have a home church, Hope Church (There is a link on the right side below our profile).

-Favor in finding a full time job in Japan
-Grace moving in with Yumi's family (mom & brother)
-Finances for buying a used vehicle ($3,000- $5,000)
-Vision for us and Shou as we meet and pray together.
-Finances for Bibles and other Christian books and resources.
-Protection for our health, all three of us have had a rough cough.

-Salvation for Yumi's mother, father, and sister.
-Continued healing for Yumi's father who had a lung removed from cancer. His recovery has been miraculous already. Please pray that He would recognize God as the one who has saved him from sudden death and that he would give glory to God for his miraculous recovery.
-Vision and passion for Yumi's brother as he is a young believer.
-Healing in the relationship between Yumi and her sister.

*I have highlighted updated pray requests.
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