Tuesday, July 26, 2005

God`s provision

God`s provision is ever so timely. After two months of praying, searching, asking, and waiting it looks like I will have work for at least the next six months. The commute is 3 hours round-trip, but the pay is very good. The other job is one at a temp agency for two days a week. It tires me to think about earthly things like finances. I quickly become heavy with burden, but thanks be to God, my shepard, my comforter, and my provider. If I seek His way I will lack no good thing. (Psalm 103)
Another provision from the LORD is a place of worship and fellowship. We have found a church that we can call "home." We will begin to regularly attend Hope Church in west funabashi. There is a very sweet tangible presence of God amongst the congregation and powerful preaching of the WORD of God. It is a church of worship, prayer, and the Word. I am delighted to build relationships with many there. In fact, we already have met with the worship pastor and they happen to live just minutes from our new home. :) God might be up to something here?
For those who pray for us, we very ever so thankful. Rejoice with us as we celebrate His provision in the midst of many trials and tribulations.
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