Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Japan to America Open Gate Japan Worship Music Tour

Just yesterday we had the chance as a family to spread the word about OPEN GATE on Facebook.  We sang a worship song in Japanese as a family to share about the Tour that will take place from October 18-22 in Los Angeles.  See below for more details and watch the video to see the Barrett Family sing Jujika no Aganai - The Redemption of the Cross (JAPANESE)

LA Worshipper Project :: OPEN GATE Challenge (2016)
Help us spread the word of OPEN GATE’s Tour that will take place on October 18-22nd in LA!!
Film yourself worshipping your favorite Nagasawa/Open Gate (Nakayama Tsuguru, Nakayama Yuta, Ikehara, Nishida, Yamakawa) Praise song.
Please introduce the song and the composer.
At the end of the video, please include the phrase 「みんなでオープンゲートのアメリカコンサートツアーを見に行こう!詳しくはlinkla.infoを検索してね!」
Upload to your timeline.
Copy this text above and share on FB and tag two people you want to send this challenge to!
Lastly, Please pray that this Tour will be used for God's glory.
Looking forward to hearing your praises!

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